┅ "Lazy" Low-Carb Tiramisu ┅

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Tiramisu may be a little offbeat from my (mostly Russian) culinary aims of Russian Dressing, but I guess I’ve been watching a few too many mafia shows recently. That, and I figured tiramisu was the perfect dessert dish I could make to use up a mildly impulsive buy from Trader Joe’s. I’ve been eyeing this chocolate mascarpone for a while, and at 1 carb per tbsp, I figured it’s not a bad Keto purchase. Here’s my extremely lazy (yet still delicious) take on Keto tiramisu.

 (Inspired by this recipe)
You will need:
8 tbsp Trader Joe's Tbsp cocoa mascarpone
1 egg
1 Power Crunch Vanilla bar (also available at Trader Joe's)
2.5 tbsp sweetener (I used Truvia)
small cup of coffee

Brew the coffee. My family has a Nespresso, a device I have been enamored with since I first came across them in Switzerland. I know I'll be successful in life if I have a Nespresso maker by age 26...cheers to career-driven coffee dreams.  
Separate egg yolk from the egg white. Put egg yolk into large bowl and whip with mascarpone. 
Set about 1 tsp from the already allotted (2.5 tbsp) sweetener aside and stir into brewed coffee.
Pour the rest of the sweetener into the yolk/mascarpone mixture and whip all together.
Whip egg white on its own and eventually add in. 
 Get ready for some dunkin'
Make sure that the PowerCrunch bar (it has a wafer cookie consistency) is cut up.
Dip each cut-up "cookie" into the coffee, let soak for 3-5 seconds, and place into bowl. 
 Cover wafer with 1-2 tbsp of whipped mixture.
 Pile wafers/mixture until you run out. 
 Cover with plastic wrap for 4+ hours. 
This tiramisu is a nice treat to have. I ate it in 3 separate sittings, as it is VERY rich. 
In total, this recipe yields:
750 calories (250 calories per serving, if divided into thirds)
16 carbs (approximately 5 carbs per serving)
66 g fat (22 g/serving)
28 g protein (9 g/serving)

After I made this, I couldn't help but feel I wanted some more Italian inspiration in my life. While St Louis's history traces farthest back to its French & German heritage, its Italian heritage shouldn't be forgotten. St Louis is famous for its "toasted ravs" (see here), and The Hill (pretty much STL's own Little Italy) is known for some of the best restaurants in the city. The Hill also has some pretty unique architecture and ambience. 
Not technically in line with my focus on Russia, but The Hill is certainly an unexpected taste of the Lou. 
xo  SFB


  1. Pretty neat recipe!! I've never had chocolate marscapone before. Sounds yummy!

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