♧ Show Me St Louis ♧

Friday, December 12, 2014

I haven’t eaten there since I was probably 9, but TGI FRIDAY! For some reason this week seemed to drag on and onI couldn’t tell ya why. Luckily, this particular Friday was festive in perfect St Louisian fashion for me...

As part of my internship at Alive, every Friday I accompany my manager to local St Louis news station KSDK for Allive’s weekly “Show Me St Louis” segment. In the spirit of the holidays and in honor of tomorrow’s 13th and Washington event (which I will be bar tending at), today’s segment featured Valerie of 13th and Wahington. The model didn’t show up, so I (or really, my hair) filled her spot! Here’s the clip & some stills:

Despite waking up with very dry hair, Valerie spruced it up so much that I wore my hair like that for the rest of the day. I love this style-if only I had the patience to do it myself! 

Aside from appearing on “Show Me St Louis,” I indulged in another staple of St Louis today: Hodak’s! Hodak’s is right next to the Alive offices, and having heard it was a “quintessential St Louis restaurant", it was the perfect place for today’s lunch. I went with fellow Alive intern and blogger, Angelica! 
Skirt, Vintage from Wasteland LA.
Tights, ASOS.
Necklace, Topshop.
PSnotice that my nails are Laker purp & yellow ;) I may be in STL at the moment, but I’m definitely thinking about LA in my near-future. 

xo  SFB