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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Christmas came and went in the blink of an eye, but hopefully you’re still in good holiday cheer. I am extremely pleased to say I received a wonderful Nikon 3200 DSLR camera from my parents for Christmas (among many other amazing gifts from friends and relatives), which will be put to good use for this blog.

I regret to say I neglected to say thank you to many people during college. More often over the past 4 years I said “sorry” (I tend to be overly apologetic), often to friends who didn’t deserve it, to situations that I was not sorry about it, and with no intention of gratitude. In hindsight I wish I had expressed my appreciation to those who gave me kindness, through their friendship, gifts, or help. The holiday season is high time for lots and lots of gifts, and lots and lots of gratitude. Even in this day and age, there’s no better and less personal way to say “thank you” than a handmade (or at least hand-written) thank-you card.

I’ve been making stationery cards for family and friends since I was in 5th grade, when my friend and I wanted to start a “stationery business” (we were inspired by her mother, who is a graphic designer). We called it “Stationery Sweets by S & N.” Pretty cute, right? Unfortunately the business never took off, and I’ve set my stationery business desires aside for the moment decade, but I still love to make stationery for friends and family. You get to put your creativity into appreciating their thoughtfulness into a memento (the card), not necessarily another gift. It’s not an exchange of commodities, but rather an exchange of care and gratitude.

At this point I'll cut the crap and show you how I make my stationery.

What I use:
  • ·       Nail polish
  • ·       Sequins
  • ·       Scissors
  • ·       Fine-point pens (Stabilo are my favorite!)
  • ·       Occasionally colored pencils
  • ·       Old pens and pencils as “drawing utensils” for nail polish, acting as fine-tip “paint”
  • ·       Card stock 
There’s no real direction-illustrate and design whatever you want and decorate it however you want! I like to stencil out designs on one piece of card stock, decorate as desired, and eventually cut it out and glue onto the card stock “cards” I’ve pre-made.
Use an old pen or pencil to “draw/paint” with nail polishlooks cooler than using a pen.
Stencil out shapes and cut them out on card stock. 
Don’t be afraid to take inspiration from any source! It doesn’t matter how great or bad your rendition is of a cartoon-it’s the thought that counts! "Messy" designs can also be fun :) 

Cut individual sequins into small pieces and glue into the card stock shapes with superglue. It takes a lot of patience, but the effects are worth it if you appreciate small details.
Nail polish is a great medium to use because:
1.       It saves you money on paint
2.     Lacquered effects/colors are lovely
3.     Shimmery/glittery nail polish adds amazing embellishment!
Whenever I buy new nail polish, I think both about how I want my nails and my cards to look. 

With all the glitter I was using in the stationery, I thought a glittery “vase” using a cute recycled can of seasonally appropriate soda would be cute.the glitter didn’t quite work out. But I tried.
Create, curate, and don’t forget to be GRATEful!  
xo  SFB

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