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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

I may look NOTHING like her, but Snow White has always had a special place in my heart. When I was 4 I proclaimed I had to be her for Halloween (my mom actually sewed me an adorable costume)...I’m actually currently working on some writing and collage projects inspired by “Snow White,” despite my limited familiarity with the Disney movie/franchise, not the original Brothers Grimm story. It’s my goal to read some original Grimm tales in February 2015, so hopefully by then I’ll authentically know what I'm talking about. Nonetheless, “the fairest in the land” was a key inspiration for my look here. Snow White also feels perfect for this time in winter. 
I also looked to some other seasonally-appropriate sources of inspiration: namely ASAP Rocky and the Rockettes. Maybe not the likeliest combination, but hear me out.
Fun fact: the Rockettes actually originated in St Louis is 1925 as the "Missouri Rockets." Whaaat, right? They moved to NYC's Radio City in 1932 and have stayed there ever since.
I couldn't help but be inspired by the Rockettes in my choice of glittery tights, tweed peplum mini skirt, and faux-fur trimmed cape. As the Refinery 29 addict that I am, I was also very inspired by this makeup tutorial:

My makeup was partially Rockettes-inspired (liquid glitter eyeliner, bright pink cheeks) and partially ASAP-inspired.

ASAP touched more upon Snow White in some ways than the Rockettes did in examples like:
"Talkin' bout no diamonds cuz that **** is a facade"
"Only thing bigger than my ego is my mirror"
"I be that pretty motha*****"

Makeup-wise I'm wearing:

Tarte Amazonian clay BB tinted moisturiser in Light
Tarte colored clay CC under-eye corrector
Benefit PosieTint (I've consistently bought this for 5 years and it's the perfect blush/lip combo for when you're in a hurry)
Nyx Wicked Lippie:"Cold Hearted"
random bright pink lipstick worn as under-eye eyeliner for "bloodshot" effect
Urban Decay Heavy Metal in Gold
Benefit Bad Gal lash
The eye inspo?

Skirt, Topshop.
Bandeau, American Apparel
Capelet, Collectif, Modcloth
Tights, Topshop
Booties, Bottega Veneta.
Bow, H & M.
Pearls, Mikimoto (hand-me-down)

Note: don't be afraid to mix textures this winter-who says tweed doesn't go with gold shimmery tights?

A very special thanks to my talented sister, Annie, for taking these photos. 
Happy New Year, and may your 2015 be #DarkWhimsical
xo  SFB


  1. Such a cute post.


  2. amazing look!!! Hope you have a great 2015!!!

  3. Gorgeous outfit!


  4. Maleficient! Asap Rocky! :) Your blog is cool! Glad I found u today!