Friday, January 2, 2015

Announcement: My power color for 2015 is red!
Happy 2015! I want to outline some of my goals for Russian Dressing in 2015:

As many of us have outlined resolutions for the New Year, I am excited to present selected goals I’ve come up with for Russian Dressing, to give you a curated “bite” of my life (with some "hidden" previews).


I am extremely excited to announce I’m returning to LOS ANGELES (my hometown) in early February 2015! I’ll be changing my title from “St Louis blogger” to “LA blogger” and I couldn’t be more enthralled. LA has a very, very special place in my heart, and even though I have my roots there, I am starting fresh.

Speaking of fresh

Expect more posts about:

One thing I love most about LA is my connection to the surrounding landscape. I grew up at the beach, and when I return I plan on spending a LOT of time there. Nature is one of the most important things in my life, as well as the defining motivation for my spiritual journeyso expect crafts, writing pieces, fitness ideas, and photography, all of which revolve around LA’s serene natural beauty.

One thing I adore about California is the culture’s emphasis on eco-consciousness and healthat times LA can be stressful/intimidating because everything (from the landscapes to the houses to the people) is so damn BEAUTIFUL, but there truly is so much wellness/beauty/wonder there.
Sums up my excitement to start swimming again (outdoors! in the pool AND in the ocean!)...let's hope I don't run into Brucie 

I have always been athletic, but I’ve put fitness a bit on the backburner for the past few months. It’s been nice to take a bit of a break, but I’m excited to form more of a routine and get those endorphins flowing regularly again.

I’m getting certified as a Beach Body instructor in St Louis this January and will be teaching classes in LA when I move there.
I haven't decided yet if I'm going to get re-certified to teach TurboKick or if I'm going to switch to teaching PiYo (pilates meets yoga), but I can tell you for certain I will be spending a lot of time at 24 Hour Fitness again when I return to LA.

I will continue posting keto/low-carb recipes, but I will additionally provide more tips/posts about fitness routinesall in LA style.

This brings in another huge aspect of my LA identity that I often combine with fitness♫ MUSIC 

LA is the entertainment capital of the US, and music is no exception. I can’t wait to drive down PCH like I used to blasting Power 106, listening to tunes that don’t reach other states' radio stations for months.LA music fuels my workouts, my chill-time, my inspiration, and my life.. I’m VERY excited to announce a new feature for Russian Dressing:

I will be featuring West Coast-centric (in terms of style/production/origin of artist) music in conjunction with workout ideas.I already got a few ideas up my sleeve and I will start these video tutorials this month!

I will continue to hone aspects of my lifestyle that I’ve already started on Russian Dressing, from fashion to food to beauty to crafts/art/writing. This will progress in 2015 with a TIGHTER BUDGET (I will be living on my own and on a pretty meager budget, after all)so expect a bigger emphasis on thrift.

Lastly expect more WRITINGI’ll be writing more music reviews, analyses of pop culture/art/food, and international politics (aka I’ll be watching every move that Putin makes).

And don't think I'll be cutting back on Russia-related posts/inspiration...another resolution is to read/study a little Russian every day, so if anything-expect to hear more about my obsession with Russia!
xo  SFB

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