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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

While I’ve never been much of a beer girl, I’m never one to pass up a free opportunity. The opportunity in question was the VIP Anheuser Busch Tour (which is actually not free, but my parents DID pay for it). My parents had some family friends visiting this past weekend, and having done the tour before, they figured it was quintessential St Louis. Indeed it is-Anheuser Busch (now the publicly traded AB Sun InBev) produces TONS of commercial beers, from Budweiser to ShockTop to Stella Artois to Michelob, etc. St Louis is definitely a beer town, which may not be quite my thing, but it never hurts to try something new.

It’s been very cold recently and I decided to take some weather-induced sartorial inspiration from no place other than Russia. Anheuser Busch may scream “America” (from a beer-heavy German heritage, might I add) but that didn’t stop my style from saluting Moscow. I wouldn’t say I suffered for fashion, as I kept plenty warm, but I guess it is a Cold War on the clothes front.
I decided to recycle my younger sister's old Hollister Co vest from 5 years ago...I have a white Communist hat (and pin) from 9 years ago when I visited St Petersburg...I kept the hat on and swapped the pin with the Hollister seagull logo...easy coverup. 
I actually went full throttle with the Russian theme and added a seal necklace (seals also happen to be my favorite animal). I don't live in the Arctic, but it sure feels like it right now with this freezing weather we've been having. 

Makeup-wise, I went red (lips), white-gold lids, and blue eyeliner (on the bottom lids). Communism emphasizes the red and gold, but the Russian Federation has the same color scheme as the American flag, waddaya know.  
I actually took the overarching inspiration for this look from one of my typical sources, Reddit. Those ladies rocked it though, am I right? 
Accessories included what I like to call my "shooting star" earrings & my handy-dandy L.L. Bean Duck Boots that got lots of wear in college. 
I'm moving to California in a few weeks, so I'll be bidding farewell to most of this gear very soon. 

Vest, Hollister Co
Long-sleeve Tshirt, Gap
Leggings, Modcloth.
Necklace, Kemper Museum Kansas City. 
Earrings, Urban Outfitters.
Hat + Pin, St Petersburg Tourist Trap. 
Socks, Urban Outfitters
Boots, L.L. Bean.

For beer enthusiasts, I would liken the Anheuser Busch Headquarters to Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factorypretty cool. Paying the fee for VIP (as opposed to the free general tours) is worth it because you get access to behind-the-scenes processes, you get to keep an Anheuser Busch hat (notice the goggles, hat, and umbrella I rocked with my outfit), and you get a refreshing refrigerator FULL of beer at the end of your tour free of chargeabout that, I might have hoarded 3 beers in my purse that I took home with me.
It's hard to beat the cold weather, but a cold brew sure doesn't hurt. 
xo  SFB


  1. I'm not really a beer person either but it looks like you had a cool experience & those boots are awesome!

  2. Cute outfit! Ha, not really a beer drinker but that tour looked like fun! I love those kinds of things. :)

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