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Hi I’m Sarah!

native & returnee as of February 2015 

 Former resident of Zurich, Switzerland (2005-2007); Moscow, Russia (summer 2013); & St Louis (latter half of 2014)  


Russian Dressing is my digital spaceship where I blog about Russia, fashion, food, arts & crafts (I make stationery designs!) and occasionally music. 

I like to say that the overarching theme of my content can best be described as  #DarkWhimsical   (think a frightful yet frolicsome fairy tale) 
^^^don't get it twisted: #darkwhimsical  #creepycute
In other terms, I like to tell stories that are a tad nonsensical, a tad mysterious, and hopefully a little mystical. 


I am also passionate about fitness/health, design, kitsch, and international affairs.
Many (but not all) posts on Russian Dressing are Russian-inspired. This is because Russia is my most prominent passion; my style also reflects my love for Japan, fantasy-genre literature, rave culture, housewives, and "things that are scary." I am an existentialist & a feminist.

I believe in the power of art in whatever shape or form it takes. I am particularly inspired by food as an artistic medium-from the scientific processes (and mysteries) of our metabolisms to the flirty frocks typically worn by housewives as they cooked (and cleaned) mid-20th-century. I try to post something food-related at least once a week. 

I am no fashion expert, but I love clothes. You will find that much of my style reflects my hyper-attentiveness to detail. For this reason I love vintage & the hyper-feminine. Conversely, I also love futuristic & simplistic designs with a touch of masculine energy.

۰• I have an inspiration blog over on Tumblr!  •۰

✍ I also like to write- see my Medium for some of my writing experiments 

Check out My (Communist) Manifesto to understand more about why I created this blog. I am certainly not a Communist, but I invite discussion and critical analysis of Capitalist practices that have come to characterize the 21st century. Disclaimer: I'm not actually Russian but Russia has my ♡ & soul. 

xo  SFB

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