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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Long time no see! It has certainly been a WHILE since I last posted. And what a lot has changed in the past few months since July! 
Since that time period, I have moved (to a new neighborhood that I LOVE, about 10 minutes drive from my work!); I am in recovery from a bout of sinusitis-antibiotic-induced candida overgrowth (low carb no more! you're now looking at a most-of-the-time pescatarian!); and I am in an ever-grueling tug-of-war with work & play. That last bit has certainly been the most grueling; balance is no easy endeavor. 
I am pleased to say that my life looks pretty good and is finally together at this point in time. I have a good job, a lovely apartment, am in good health, and feel supported and loved by family & friends. I've been in LA for nearly 9 months now! Since the day I came back, I've thought of my return as a fresh start, almost a rebirth of sorts. I can't say that my life is perfect, but with a 9-month incubation period, I feel more settled and content than I have felt in years. 
That being said, I did not leave Los Angeles County (that's right, literally stayed in the city!) for NINE MONTHS! Enough to drive a girl insane, am I right? Late October called for a trip to the (b)East Coast!
I visited Connecticut to see my dearest best friend, Miss Reina! It's been two years since I have witnessed a fall in New England, and boy was it good to be back! The crisp fall air, the wool & sweater vests & booties & tights, oh, how I missed living in real fall fashions (nevermind this 100-degree LA nonsense). But alas, it was a much-needed mini vacation, and coming back to Los Angeles never felt better!  
My style has always thrived in temperate weather; it was in college when I really started to get into fashion. It was also in college that I met Reina (!!!), studied Russian, and created the basis for what became Russian Dressing in my first post-grad few months. I regret to say that I missed my blog's 1 year anniversary, but better late than never, right? 
My recent return to the East Coast reinvigorated a tenderness I occasionally forget that I have. Beneath it is pain. There is something so beautiful, and still so gorgeously sad, about autumn in New England. An energy of warmth, harvest, and love, but also, the rich journey of life, as the transformation of the leaves unfolds before your eyes. 
All of this being said, LA is where I belong. :)
Cape: Halogen (Nordstrom) Skirt: Eva Junie LA Shirt: Eva Junie LA Mary Janes: Topshop |
xo  SFB