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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Happy July! I started a new job recently and have been very very busy, from visiting friends/family to finding my work-flow to finding any time to relax, to be quite honest. Nonetheless, I always make room in my day for coffee, and the weekend is no exception. 
Being a South Bay native, a Taiwanese foodie (did I mention that I'm obsessed with shaved ice?), and a low-carb lady, enter: 85 Degrees Cafe (the Torrance location is my personal go-to!) 
I admit my focus on food, and specifically Russian food, has not been at its prime for a few months now, but who doesn't love a little cheat day (cough, months)? Cheats galore are exactly what you'll find at 85 Degrees, from their beautiful confections behind the glass case to their more "plebian" nosh that you (yes, you...no waiters here!) deliver to the cashier on a tray. 
Food aside, my main "naughty nicety" of interest is their rendition of SEA SALT COFFEE. Caloric indulgences aside, this treat is a low-carber's delight: sugar levels are adjustable; flavor is packed to the brim with rich whipped cream topped with cocoa powder and....you guessed it: sea salt. Keep in mind, weight watchers: the heavy cream does NOT make this a low-cal beverage. But is it low-carb? Go for the 1/3 sugar option (lowest level available) & the answer is YES. :)
I may or may not be more obsessed with this treat than I am with Taiwanese snow (as a frozen yogurt addict, that's saying a LOT!) I admit, I've let my keto-flow slide a bit since my move to Los Angeles (carb creep indeed) but this is the my solution to the less-than-tasty-sounding Bulletproof Coffee popular on the Keto subreddit. It's certainly an indulgence, but 85 Degrees knows their coffee, their carbs, and their versatility in addressing everyone's sweet tooth. 
I implore you to check out 85 Degrees Cafe if you're ever in the South Bay (there's also a Gardena location!), Orange County, or of course, Taiwan. 
xo  SFB


  1. these sweets look delicious!

  2. This looks so yummy! I'm obsessed with shaved ice too ;)
    xx Elle

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  3. Sea salt coffee sounds INCREDIBLE, and all this food looks amazing!
    Hope you’re having a great Saturday,
    Bethany x


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