❄ Winter Workwear with a Touch of Whimsy ❄

Monday, January 26, 2015

Winter isn’t quite my cuppa tea. Not that I’m saying no to the tea, but I guess I prefer my tea iced... (Coffee on the other hand I will always love hot, first thing in the morning, please & thank you.) With resolutions, returns to work/school/normal life after the holidays, and of course the COLD, January can be a pretty tough month. It’s certainly not my favorite, but I figured I might as well add some whimsy to the “darkness” we associate with the limited hours of winter sunshine. #Darkwhimsical? Maybe.
This outfit screams "January" in the way it screams "work"...which I am SO ready for (cough, how many job applications have I filled out in the past few weeks?)...get ready, LA!
The hand-embroidered snowflake necklace (mentioned here as well) complements the lace in the camisole well and is almost camouflaged into it behind the blazer. I don't love the snow, but I might as well have some fun with it, right? And I injected said whimsy into workwear (another topic that connotes "lack of sunshine/"being holed up"), so I killed two birds (WORK woes & WINTER woes) with 1 stone snowflake.

Pin (earring): kate spade new york.
Camisole, Gap
Snowflake Necklace, Ruby Francis Rags @ Parsimonia.
Skirt, Wasteland LA.
Boots, Bottega Veneta
Belt, H & M.
Earrings, Vintage.
Makeup-wise, I went for a berry-wine lip (Stila) & brown-lidded eyes for a low-key look that is akin to a berry branch amidst the icicles. It's not currently snowing, but winter is certainly here to stay for a while longer in St Louis.
xo  SFB


  1. Great outfit for work! I also love your lip colour :) xx


  2. Love the vintage double-breasted blazer look. So chic & stylish.


    1. Thank you! It was a great thrift find for $14! :)

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  4. Cute outfit, i really need to buy some more workwear. Good luck with the job hunting!

    Emma at www.collagemepretty.blogspot.co.uk

  5. <3333 you look amazing
    love it

  6. nice outfit thats for visiting my blog!