☼ It's (Not) Always Sunny in St. Louis ☼

Monday, November 17, 2014

But when it is...I document it! 
Happy Monday! 

Well, just as the weather channels predicted last week, snow has hit St. Louis. It began Saturday evening and lasted well into Sunday. It took me about 20 minutes this morning to heat up my car to defrost the ice off the front windows. It's not here quite yet, but soon enough I'll be walkin' in a WINTER WONDERLAND..
Did I mention I'm still obsessed with Alice in Wonderland? I watched the original Disney movie over the weekend because I'm actually still 5, and even though I get more of a spring-y vibe from the animation, Wonderland is season-less. And also sunless, at many points. 

I'm trying to be optimistic about winter's arrival. I usually have trouble during transitional times between seasons, when life feels in limbo. Luckily I captured some of the last moments of "true fall" in STL over the past few weeks. Have a good week, & remember, the sun will come out tomorrow (or you know, eventually). Thanksgiving is just around the corner.  
PS: SO excited for the upcoming remake of Annie this Christmas! Talk about an all-star cast. 

 xo  SFB

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