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Friday, June 5, 2015

Orange you glad it’s finally June? It may not be quite summer just yet, but I find citrus fruit to be synonymous with the season. There's something about its sentience, its color scheme, better yet, its TASTE, that makes citrus one of my favorite fruit choices, during the rare occasions that I do eat it. I may prefer it in confectionary dreamsicle form, but during the rare occurrences that orange finds its way into my wardrobe, I try to keep it refined and dreamy. Loud? Well, I'll save that for festival season n' pool parties. ;) 
If you have taken a look at Russian Dressing in recent weeks' past, it may as well be called "Korean Dressing" simply based on how often I hang out (and shoot!) in Koreatown. This outfit was no exception...nor was the context. 
I haven't blogged about it recently but one of my hobby realms of interest is housewives and the midcentury aesthetic and lifestyle. This dress feels "mod" in that it is a nod to the 60s color scheme and cut, yet the material is so sheer that I have to wear nude undergarments with it. I bought it from Wasteland on Melrose Avenue intended as a "work wear" piece. While I certainly have worn this in a professional business setting (as originally intended), it almost feels more suited to grocery shopping. Can you tell I went grocery shopping in these photos? (Indeed, I actually did)
Speaking of grocery shopping, what are your thoughts on the anthropological dissection of Upper East Side housewives (NYT article from last weekend)? It's articles like these that remind me as a feminist that we still have a long ways to go. This applies beyond the workforce, and extends into our lifestyles and....fashion. Thoughts?
Everyone knows that our outward appearances, encompassed in our weights/beauty routines/clothing choices, are correlated more or less (with some exceptions) to our socioeconomic status. I will admit as both an aspiring blogger, the high standards for Angeleno "pretty young things", and my "Millenial slashie" career aspirations, I care a lot about my appearance. Don't we all, though? On top of the struggles young people face to financially make it own their own in society, social media reminds us daily, if not hourly, that we have to look pretty doing it as well. This outfit made me feel like a housewife; it brought to mind the archaic, yet simultaneously contemporary, context of the article I mentioned. 
If we think of our self-esteems like food consumption, it's better to shop for sustainable compliments, am I right? Our lifestyle choices extend beyond what we consume, but also in what we create for ourselves. 
Dress: Da-nang (Wasteland LA) Shoes: Michael Kors Belt: Pitaya St Louis Earrings: (also here) Whole Foods
All photos courtesy of Kaelin Bohl Photography

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  1. Lovely outfit, you look great!

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  2. This outfit looks so great on you! I love the colours, very summery and pretty :) <33


  3. it is very cute dress! I wish we had a Ktown in my town! I would shoot there too ;)


  4. love the dress, so cute for summer!

    danielle | avec danielle

  5. This is too cute! Love the dress, styling and your pictures!