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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Hello! I apologize for having taken a slight hiatus from blogging, but I have been a very busy bee these past few weeks. From working two jobs (now reduced to one...more on that later) to moving into my new house...to having pretty much NO free time-a break wasn't just an aha! "good idea"...I was simply in survival mode. That being said, my house didn't have fully-functional Internet until just today. But I'm baaaack.
I find myself spending more and more time in the heart of Los Angeles, in the real "city" sections, around Koreatown and Downtown LA. LA is historically the definition of "urban sprawl"...something that's been changing as of late...and something, or somewhere, that I'm keen to explore. 
Throughout my adventures in Koreatown with my lucky resident best-friend and unofficial blog photographer Kaelin Bohl, it truly feels like the future of LA. As one of the most densely populated regions of the city, it's also one of the few true walking areas of the city...parking is near-impossible. There always seems to be so much going on, the food is phenomenal, and it's a melting pot of different cultures. 
My newest obsession: SNOW. SnowLA Shavery in Koreatown is probably my favorite. 
I mentioned I didn't have Internet for a few days upon moving to my new house. This shirt (purchased a few months back) made me a living paradox. Emblazoned with random doodles of toys like Furby, characters like Moomins, lots of Internet-ready "Tumblr IRL" concepts...this Monki tank called to me. Internet-inspired Tumblr fashion, am I right?
Shoes: Jellies: Jelly Beans at Princess Polly (available here...also worn HERE)

How do you feel about Tumblr? What about "Tumblr fashion"/Internet-driven fashion (a la VFILES)?
PS...not to be a terrible self-promoting pest, but check out my Tumblr...the only other place I promote it is on Tinder...but I do happen to have one! ;)

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  1. That top is so unusual! I don't really like Tumblr, there's too much content to find what I want, and I find it a bit repetitive...I do use it sometimes though.

    { sparklesideup.com }

    1. I know what you mean...sometimes scrolling through Tumblr is mind-numbing. I do like that the visual media vary so much, as opposed to just stock images. Lots of interesting content, but it definitely can be *too* much sometimes.