✿ Mini Spring Makeup Haul ✿

Saturday, March 28, 2015

In the week since that spring has arrived, spring cleaning has been on my mind. From my blog to my wardrobe to my mindset, I’ve spent the past week taking various measures, from editing old blog posts, to editing my resume, to cleaning my living space, as lifestyle changes intended to improve my life. Spring cleaning certainly applies to my makeup as well, which I also took into account this past week. 
My current living situation requires that I stay very thrifty, in fact, the most thrifty I have ever been, so much to the point that I’ve sacrificed my look at times toward the goal (and necessity) of saving money. I have been in desperate need of new makeup in the past month and a half since I’ve been in LA, but it wasn’t until last week that I took the plunge and stopped by Ulta to get some much-needed new goodies. My makeup collection is currently not quite where I want it to be, but it's all a process...right? 
I nabbed It Cosmetics' "Bye Bye Under Eye" concealer from the recommendation of an Ulta sales associate that it was "the best concealer ever." I might have to agree with her...it's INCREDIBLE, and I can tell it will likely last me a very long time, as she promised. It comes out quite thick, so it's key that this concealer is applied with a brush or sponge. I use a sponge-like brush when I put it on, but I also bought a much-needed angled brush by the same brand.  I am a fan of both of these products so far...I am a pretty new Ulta customer and historically a Sephora girl, but I love the unique selection of brands Ulta offers that I wouldn't know where to find otherwise.
Certainly another plus of Ulta is its brand selection at various price points. I love Nyx, especially their Jumbo Eye Pencils. I picked up two...here's a secret: I also like to use them as lipstick! I'm a fan of Nyx's Wicked Lippies (featured here) and was in need of red lipstick so I got a Matte lipstick in Pure Red...for $6! Yes please. 
Benefit Bad Gal Lash is one of my favorite mascaras ever, so when my large tube (pictured left) was starting to run out last week, I definitely knew it was time for a refill. I'm pretty broke right now, but mascara, concealer, and tinted moisturizer are my essentials that I tend to go for quality over quantity, even if that means making a size sacrifice. Mini tubes of Bad Gal lash are available for $10 at Ulta and Sephora, so it's always been my go-to when I'm lacking in both lash ammunition and lax spending habits. I won't compromise on the quality, but the quantity is another matter. 
Last but not least, new spring scents! Having not owned a large bottle of perfume since my Miss Dior Cherie bottle broke in 2012, I've been a rollerball kinda gal for quite a while now. While this phase shan't last forever (nor shall my lack of funds/income, let's hope), I like perfume roller balls and samples for the sole fact that you get to change it up! I actually bought these in January with a Sephora gift card I received for Christmas, but these scents scream spring. Repetto is new to the perfume game, but I am a fan of their signature scent for the fact that it does indeed encapsulate the vibe of the company (elegant French girls, s'il vous plait). And Chloé is of course a classic. I find both scents are perfect for spring, and I love the option of switching between them.

❀ Happy Spring, and may you stay pretty at pristine price points! 
xo  SFB


  1. I am in desperate need of a spring clean also.
    These products look lovely.


  2. Great ♥


  3. I am not using make up, but I am sure that it could be very useful for all those girls that do. Wishing you a lovely week ahead, Liuba x