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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Call me dramatic, but something doesn't sit quite right with the above photo. It's not the Prius, it's certainly not the sunshine, nor is it even the fact that I was having trouble metering my ISO when I took this exact photo. 
The Missouri license plate. Yup. It's just not right. 
Born and raised in California, I'm no Missourian: I'm a beach girl. Case in point: the film Blue Crush.
A recent lazy morning brought me back to one of my childhood favorite movies, reminiscent of my Junior Lifeguard days, back when I lived for the ocean and during the summer, in the ocean. Yeah, you heard me: I was a mermaid.
While I did not commemorate International Women's Day this past Sunday on the blog, it was certainly on my mind. 
Blue Crush is near and dear to my heart for a few reasons, but the one I want to draw attention to now is its emphasis on female empowerment and strength. Surfers may deride the film for being inauthentic to surf culture and too "Hollywood" (it did launch Kate Bosworth's career, after all)-but it's truly about girl power. Sure, the girls look smokin' hot in the film (bikinis on bikinis on bikinis), complete with sex, partying, and bad girl 'tudes, but if you look a little more closely at the plot line, the essence is in kicking butt as female surfers. 
Kate Bosworth is indeed an actress (not a surfer), and Michelle Rodriguez was indeed my first-ever girl crush in this movie, but string bikinis and Matthew Davis aside, this movie rocked. 
In addition to all the positive lady vibes going around here, the film is about PIPELINE & surf culture in Hawaii. 
This scene, though: note M.Rod schooling the boys
As I mentioned, I'm currently living in a Hawaiian-nurtured household. Did I also mention I'm a former beach bum? After 4.5 years of enduring frigid winters and flannels BY CHOICE (why did I choose to go to school in Connecticut again?) I'm back in warmer, greener seaside pastures. Not quite the tropics you'd find in Hawaii, but the chill mindset & island-esque vibes sit very well with me. 
Here are some of my current blue crushes of my surroundings: 
Nothing I love more than the sound of the waves lapping against the shore
Just in case you were wondering, the candle pictured is from Anthropologie & is the most lovely way to start my day. 
The food pictured includes an old favorite dish(pictured left) from TNTs Aloha Cafe in Torrance, CA & some delicious Hawaiian staples Harry keeps around the house. Spam, pickled ginger, and perhaps my favorite coffee I've ever had: Kauai Coffee.
Last but not least, some real Kauai inspiration taken a few years back on my last family vacation to paradise:
xo  SFB

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