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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

After 27 hours of driving (over the course of 3 days, no less) I can officially say: Los Angeles, I’m yours. I am ecstatic to be home; nothing  beats the chill vibes, warm weather, year-round sunshine, and most importantly, MY FRIENDS. As for my job(s), I will save those updates for laterbut here are a few highlights from my cross-country travels.
this post, I planned my trip according to food. Quel surpris. I am happy to say each stop was satiating, salivating, and a nice break from the stress of driving 90 mph on the highway. Not to be a photo-repeater, but as you may recall from

First stop: Eagle Drive-In in Joplin, Missouri. 
The Eagle Drive-In was excellent and well-worth a stop in Joplin. For any Gone Girl fans, Joplin is the town over from Carthage, the town where the story was set. I went for the signature Eagle Burger. The meat was scrumptious, but best of all was the selection of sauces [top picks: Tzatziki, the Eagle Sauce (cayenne, mayonnaise, and ketchup), and the chimichurri].

We drove from Joplin to Oklahoma City, where we spent the night with a family friend (...and two bottles of wine at her request). Shockingly no hangover the next morning!
Amarillo, Texas was the next food stop. We stopped by Tyler's BBQ and did not leave disappointed. Everything is indeed bigger (and better) in Texas. Tyler's is relatively new, but did not disappoint. I went for the rib plate...mouthwatering and a great deal. 
I’m Texas Trill (not)
From Amarillo we drove to Alberquerque, where we stayed with a friend (and "fraternized" in downtown Alberquerque...aka we attended a party with her friends from a UNM frat)
  I tried some ceviche at Zacateca's, which was amazing...if only I could handle the heat. 
Classic ABQ

The last leg of our trip was the longest, from Albuquerque to Los Angeles, with a stop in Flagstaff, Arizona (actually an ADORABLE town) for lunch. We stopped at Diablo Burger, which had a cool Mark Ryden-esque outdoor dining backdrop and great burgers. The homestretch was easily around 12 hours, but with good music and an end dinner at In 'N Out, I can't complain.

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  1. I want to eat ALL of this! hahah great post!


    1. thanks! haha yeah, i may have eaten a liiittle too much on this trip. well worth it though :)

  2. I knew I was seeing Texas!! Hope you enjoyed the food in gold ole' west Texas :)



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    1. i enjoyed it SO much! so much that i actually can't wait to go back! :)

  3. Great photos! You are major pretty! Place looks amazing! Great post! Would love to be able to follow each other on our blogs so let me know, so I can follow you back!! xx http://ashaopryhirsi.blogspot.co.uk/