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Saturday, February 7, 2015

I'm currently en route to Los Angeles from St Louis. While I will save the details of the trip for a future post, here are some adorable things of recent times related to ORGANIZATION that have kept me motivated to move forward + stay positive even during times of great stress and transition. 
This book by Marie Kondo saved my life when I was packing. A very zen way to think about the objects that comprise your life; in a way it "cleansed" my mindset in thinking about my material possessions and desires
So long, St Louis.
 Candy aisle at Winslow's Home
These are a few of my favorite things.
As I packed up my crafting supplies, I decided to sort through & color-code my sequins.
This was a very concentrated task, and I figured it would be a perfect complement to a Wes Anderson film (The Grand Budapest Hotel, of course). I sorted them into an empty quail egg box.  
My last meal in St Louis: sashimi! So beautifully presented
I decided to conceptualize my route in a cuter way than a boring plain map to relieve my pre-trip stress. All the "food stamps" are places of rest + dining! 
Wish me luck on the rest of my journey! 

xo  SFB


  1. Oh have fun chick! Those sequins, great idea but Jeeze that musta been tedious.

  2. Lovely photos! Enjoy your travels :) Can't imaging how long it must have taken to get through those sequins! xx

    Love and Marmalade